What is Crowley actually going to do with Dean?


I believe Deamon Dean will surprise us and most of all, Crowley.

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This actually sounds a wired question to put to you. But ever since the finale I’ve been thinking none stop about Crowley’s attachment to Dean, and why he lead him this merry dance and to where they both are now. Do we sense that Dean will wonder away with Crowley. Will Dean be unable to control that he might become this savage beast that needs to be caged up. Will Dean go willing with Crowley and become this wired hybrid cross demon.

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I also keep asking myself what control will Dean have over himself, and his demonic side and this new super power from the Mark of Cain. Dean now has double the trouble to contend with and the pressure from Crowley. What has Crowley in mind for Dean, now that he can howl at the moon with Dean? We sense that its heading in some direction and that Sam…

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Fic Rec’s



I thought I’d pimp some fic’s I’ve come across on ff.net. 

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/90586051/1/Dead-Ahead  by RazzMcazz

The morning after Sookie Stackhouse released the cluviel dor, she not only saved her long time friend and crush Sam Merlotte, but she got more than she bargained for. Now with the Changeling about to enter the world, Sookie must do all she can to protect the precious soul inside of her from the bickering of past lovers, to the plans of the Queen of Oklahoma.

travis fimmel

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8820574/1/The-Revealing-of-Andre by Meridian

Andre Paul, childe of Sophie-Anne LeClerq, had a “distinct” reputation: fierce, vicious, cruel and conniving. But…what that ALL there was to him? Emma may find out for herself. (*Rated M just in case this becomes more than a one-shot) Non-canon, AU, OC



It’s hard being a telepathic barmaid but Sookie Stackhouse can’t complain. She has a nice life in her small town. It all goes up in smoke when a fairy blackmails her onto marrying a vampire. A vampire that could care less who she is or what she feels. Watch their unlikely story unfold. This isn’t an easy love story but then again love and life seldom are.


blond girl3


by LoveFangs91

Seven years without a vampire in her life. A lot has changed, there’s other people to consider now. What happens when the vampires come fighting back into her life? Can the important peopleSookie has to protect still win out? AU. Rated M for mature themes.


http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8770252/1/Dazed-Confused by TicklePickle

Interupting Dead and Gone, Sookie’s day just keeps getting weirder, like Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole weird. A fairy kind of adventure with splashes of Eric and Co. Because lets face it it just ain’t SVM without Eric in some form or other.

Premiere Of HBO's "True Blood" 5th Season - Arrivals

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8781347/1/Nightingale by smanfan

Sookie is a nurse at a mental health facility, and her mundane life gets turned upside down when a unique patient arrives.


http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6453803/1/The-Viking-and-the-Valkyrie by ElfChef

Really, I love just about anything by this writer!

The story picks up seconds after “Dead in the Family” It provides both Eric’s and Sookie’s POV. It provides my view on the heart and mind of everyone’s favorite viking. They are faced with a deadly threat. You can expect action suspense & lemons..



http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8024731/1/A-Beacon-in-the-Dark by katfergie

Sookie meets Godric under different circumstances when she is first introduced to the supernatural world. Can they find hope for the future in each other or will Godric be lost to the darkness? Not pro Bill. M for Lemons. G/S/E

Pam and LudwigEric and Sookie9

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9043544/1/The-Fairy-Doctor by J.R. Watkins

There’s more to Dr. Ludwig’s young co-worker, than meets the supernatural eye. AU, canon characters. For InvertedMeridian, treewitch703, and ozzo